Buy Art for Everyone---My feature in the Rising Tide Society's Gift Guide

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I'm happy to announce that my artwork is being featured, along with many other talented makers and crafters, in The Rising Tide Society's gift guide! Woo!

What does that mean? Here's what they have to say about it:

"By supporting creative entrepreneurs, you make it possible for hundreds of brilliant makers, artists, and creatives to continue building a business that they love. We hope this guide simplifies your search for the perfect gift, while supporting the Creative Economy in the process!"

WIN WIN much?! You get to buy presents for all your loved ones and you also get to support a hardworking, probably stressed, overanalyzing artist!!!!(aka me!)

Don't let me keep you a minute longer, here's the guide (but in all honesty you could also just press the SHOP button now ;) ) 



Social Media Free Day + Free Printable

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Social media plays a pretty big part in my life. I've struggled with it, taken lots of breaks from it, and also enjoyed it's many fun aspects. As social media has progressed, I have fought to find a balance with it in my life. I'm still learning but there are a few intentional things that I do that have made my relationship with it much more healthy. One of which is my weekly social media free day.

 Every Saturday night I log out of my accounts and spend the entire Sunday off of any form of social media. For me, I dedicate this day to God and my family. Quite honestly, this has become my favorite day of the week and one I really look forward to. Knowing all week long that I can share on social media but on Sunday I'll have a break has allowed me to focus on what I'm sharing in a more direct and intentional way. And on my day of rest, I really rest--I notice how other days I might feel a nagging pressure to post something but on Sunday I just breathe. There's no pressure, there's no "checking in" with the rest of the world, there's just me and my little sphere of people and it's absolutely wonderful. 

So if you would, I 'd like for you to experience this same freedom and rest. I'd like for you to take a day off, a social media free day. It can be any day of the week but it's best if it's consistently the same day each week so you can work towards that day. Take a weekly day of rest, friends, I promise it's worth it. 

Click here to download this free printable to hang up as a reminder to rest. 


Six months recap + a song

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I'm really trying to figure out how to say how I feel about Samuel being six months old. Maybe 'emotional' sums it up well. I feel like it's only going to get better/worse as he keeps growing and hitting milestones. It's something so bittersweet to watch your baby grow; I want him to be little forever and at the same time I'm so excited for him to talk and walk and well, grow up! 

This is the 'year of firsts' and there have already been so many these last six months. First smile, first thumb sucking, first laugh, first roll, first toe grab, first bath, first food...the list goes on! It is amazing to watch how quickly he has developed. Here's a fun timeline of photos from newborn to now!

He may have started out looking a little odd but he sure is cute now! I laugh because at the time I could only see him as adorable and perfect but looking back I realize he definitely had a quickly 'newborn' look (don't all newborns look a little funny?) 

I've written about our birth story and how difficult his first couple weeks were for us, after that it felt like nothing could top it and we were really content with just being home and figuring out our rhythm. But then came diaper rash, and tough decisions about vaccines, and sleep regression, and so many other things that made us realize that holy guacamole we are responsible for a whole HUMAN. There's so many decisions, both big and small, that we are making in his best interest every day and the reality that he's whole life is in our hands-- well, it's a lot. But we've made it this far so where's our trophy and ten solid hours of sleep?! 

Whenever we are out with him, people comment that he's such a happy baby and I have to agree. Him being my first I don't really have any comparison but he has always been such an easy and good baby. He is just so happy, smiling and laughing all the time and he brings us so much joy. People also say he's big, which I take as "healthy" because he fits all the normal sizes although he is pretty tall and plump (those rolls are a thing of beauty to a breastfeeding momma!)  

Not to say we haven't had our share of crying-- he cries and sometimes there is no cure. But for the most part he's crying for a reason and we can figure it out.There is no sound more terrible then your baby crying, the stress it releases in your body is enough to earn you a lifetime of vacation in paradise. See you there, mom and dad. Now I know. 

At five months we took a trip to Arroyo Grande, near SLO, and one day I was nursing him on the bed with the cool breeze coming in through the window and he was tired and needed to go to sleep. It was so peaceful, I was brushing his hair with my fingers like I normally do and I started singing to him. I've always sung to him but this time the words just flowed, I sang it over and over to him until he fell asleep and then quickly wrote it down. Maybe someday you'll happen to hear me singing it to him or maybe I'll put it to music-- for now I just wanted to share the words:

Momma loves you little one, momma will never leave you

Momma loves you little son, you're safe in her arms forever

You're safe to fly and find yourself

You're safe to try and fail sometimes

You're safe to love with all your heart, you're safe even to fall apart. 

There's so much more I could say about these last six months but I'll keep it short and simple this time, besides I'm barely getting anything done during his naps as it is!