First Year Recap + 0-12 Photo Timeline

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It's Samuel's first birthday! I remember thinking about this day and wondering what my son would be like. I never could've predicted this kid. 

So let me tell Samuel, and you all, what he has accomplished these last four months. (you can read about 0-6 months here)

Well, child of mine, at seven months old you were crawling and you really didn't stop there. You went from crawling, to standing while holding on, to standing on your own(8.5mos), to cruising round the furniture, to taking your first step (9mos), and by the time you were ten months old you were walking like a champ. I haven't been able to sit still unless you're asleep! 

I've learned that you are a very determined, active, and independent kid. I know you don't want to sit still, but could you just let mommy change your diaper without trying to run away--especially when you have poop on your bottom!? And even though you spend your days walking, and now climbing, you still manage to need momma to hold you when you cry, when you're tired, when you want to nurse, or when you're just missing me, and those moments make my heart so happy. 

Besides your crazy mobility, around eleven months you also decided you only need one nap. BECAUSE THERE'S TOO MUCH TO SEE. I tried for many weeks to get you to take two but you just wouldn't have it (see, I REALLY don't sit still much) You're sleeping with us most nights, and seeing your goobery sleepy-smiley face first thing every morning has definitely been a highlight of this year (although you'll be moving to your crib pretty soon, sorry bud)

I call you Samuel, Sammie, Hammie, Ham-sandwich, and Bud most often. You call me momma and everything else is dada. You're putting together different sounds, mimicking us, and we can't wait for you to say your "first word"

You now put your blocks back in the bucket and daddy taught you how to high-five (which is very cute) You love to eat, you love pasta and blueberries most. You have six teeth! Your laugh is my favorite sound in the world and luckily you are easily amused. 

You've kept me very busy these past four months and there's no sign of you slowing down so I'm just learning to keep up. You're like a lion; bold, fearless, and strong. Your big personality is really coming through now and I know these toddler years are going to be, at the very least, an amazing adventure. Mommy loves you, daddy loves you, you are loved. 


Here's your complete timeline from birth until now! Just look at that ten month photo and then eleven month photo- WHAT?! 


Buy Art for Everyone---My feature in the Rising Tide Society's Gift Guide

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I'm happy to announce that my artwork is being featured, along with many other talented makers and crafters, in The Rising Tide Society's gift guide! Woo!

What does that mean? Here's what they have to say about it:

"By supporting creative entrepreneurs, you make it possible for hundreds of brilliant makers, artists, and creatives to continue building a business that they love. We hope this guide simplifies your search for the perfect gift, while supporting the Creative Economy in the process!"

WIN WIN much?! You get to buy presents for all your loved ones and you also get to support a hardworking, probably stressed, overanalyzing artist!!!!(aka me!)

Don't let me keep you a minute longer, here's the guide (but in all honesty you could also just press the SHOP button now ;) ) 



Social Media Free Day + Free Printable

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Social media plays a pretty big part in my life. I've struggled with it, taken lots of breaks from it, and also enjoyed it's many fun aspects. As social media has progressed, I have fought to find a balance with it in my life. I'm still learning but there are a few intentional things that I do that have made my relationship with it much more healthy. One of which is my weekly social media free day.

 Every Saturday night I log out of my accounts and spend the entire Sunday off of any form of social media. For me, I dedicate this day to God and my family. Quite honestly, this has become my favorite day of the week and one I really look forward to. Knowing all week long that I can share on social media but on Sunday I'll have a break has allowed me to focus on what I'm sharing in a more direct and intentional way. And on my day of rest, I really rest--I notice how other days I might feel a nagging pressure to post something but on Sunday I just breathe. There's no pressure, there's no "checking in" with the rest of the world, there's just me and my little sphere of people and it's absolutely wonderful. 

So if you would, I 'd like for you to experience this same freedom and rest. I'd like for you to take a day off, a social media free day. It can be any day of the week but it's best if it's consistently the same day each week so you can work towards that day. Take a weekly day of rest, friends, I promise it's worth it. 

Click here to download this free printable to hang up as a reminder to rest.