"My then fiance, Justin, and I were really nervous about getting our photos taken. We don't consider ourselves to be very photogenic and had never had a professional photo shoot, so we had no idea what to expect. Amanda was amazing. She immediately put us at ease, talked with us about what we liked to do, asked us about our first dates and was really just fun to be around. She took some fantastic and very artful shots. Amanda made us feel like movie stars in our own lives. We are so impressed and amazed with her work, and could not be happier with our engagement photos." -Reyna 

"Amanda took photos of our big day in ways that we could not have imagined. At least once a day I am looking through our wedding photos in disbelief at how many sweet moments were captured! I love that they are flexible and truly know how to take your wedding photo dreams and make turn them into a reality. I would highly recommend them to everyone!" -Briana

"Amanda began our engagement session by asking if we had any special requests and if we had a theme or “feel” we wanted evident in our photographs. After expressing our desires she immediately made us feel completely natural and overflowing with joy of simply being in the presence of each other. She shared her perspectives but perhaps her most important instruction and encouragement was, “just enjoy being with each other.” She did a beautiful job of capturing us as we experienced each other and the moment we were swept away by. It was organic, it was authentic, it was truly enjoyable! She gave us cues as needed and encouraged us, but never placed or forced us to be unnaturally posed. This experience was one I will never forget.” -Kelly